The Art of Mindfulness

By | January 30, 2017

The Art of Mindfulness pdfThe Art of Mindfulness synopsis: When we wake up in the morning, we realize that the dream that we had while we were asleep was just that, a dream. Once awake, we believe we are experiencing reality. But what if that which we are waking up to is just another dream? Sounds farfetched? How would you know? After all, you believed the dream was real while you were having it. Mindfulness is about waking up from the dream that we call everyday life. Ultimately, every person is looking for the same thing, happiness and a sense of inner peace. Regardless of how we try to achieve that sense of happiness and inner peace, most likely we will end up disappointed. So often, what we thought would bring us happiness and peace turns out to be short-lived. Everything in life is impermanent. People will eventually leave us, money can be lost, our position or status will eventually decline, and our bodies are bound to change. Our experiences are always changing but awareness itself remains constant. This book offers both comprehensive and insightful information about the nature of awareness and experience, which is backed up by numerous exercises that are explained in details on this very provocative topic, Mindfulness.

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