Trump’s Brain

By | January 8, 2018

Trump's Brain pdfTrump’s Brain synopsis: This is an unofficial FBI profile of Donald Trump that lists the likely actions he will take over the next four years. FBI profiling is used to predict actions based on a pattern of behavior. This book uses FBI techniques to clearly list Donald Trumps likely actions as president. Learn what his domestic and foreign policies will be, what will happen with the economy, and which country we are most likely to go to war with. Learn how FBI profiling works and how to use it to predict other people’s behavior, including Donald Trump. This is a non-partisan examination of Donald Trump. It is neither “pro” nor “anti” Trump. It is meant as an FBI-like psychological profile that predicts the likely actions of President Trump. This is the printed version of the eBook and is a short & simple guide to FBI profiling with specific predictions of Donald Trump’s actions as president.

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